ANNA KARENINA The Story of Passing

Author: Matthieu Deneuve

One of the worlds’ literature gemstones,

Anna Karenina is one of the

most outstanding stories ever written

about a woman. Tolstoy, with his

masterful writing skills, reveals the everyday life

of the heroine in the shadow of love and passing

away, awakening a wide range of emotions in the


It is a touch on the essence of our human nature.

Lifting and collapsing simultaneously, loving

and hating, it is blessed and miserable, hugs and

repels, listen and disregards, looks and does not

see, live and dies.

This two-volume scaled-down representation of

human life was born from Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy’s

pen between 1873-1877. This is the writer’s

second greatest novel after War and Peace.

The novel’s social and historical context was provided

by the period of Tsar Peter the First’s reign,

and Tolstoy’s encounter with Pushkin’s daughter,

Maria Alexandrovna Hartung, on whom he

based the look of his protagonist. The novel is

about a love story between the married woman,

Anna, and a young offi cer, Vronsky, the success

of which is guaranteed by numerous characters

and interlocking background plot.

Although through the story, their love overcomes

legal and social conventions and is fulfi lled,

it is unable to conquer their own walls raised by

themselves. Therefore, it ends tragically with Anna’s

suicide. Even in the world of theatre, cinema

and ballet the novel has been processed by

several directors. Despite the fact that processing

the novel is a major challenge in terms of its

scope, extraordinary works have been created.

The tragical heroine, Anna Karenina was played

by acting legends, like Vivien Leigh, Greta

Garbo, and Sophie Marceau. The version presented

in 2012 starring Keira Knightley, who

we had already known from the Pride and Prejudice,

was one of the most spectacular processing

which makes the story almost real on the

movie screen.

The costumes were made in different shades of

‘passing’, emphasizing the position and spirit

of the characters in the given scene. The fi lm

is a refl ection of great emotions. There is no

good and no bad. The only one that matters

is the person, with her victories and failures.

With her mistakes and decisions those claim a

high price, but if she does not make them, she

would never be able to live a life of completion.

We are all ‘Annas’ and ‘Vronskys’ in some ways.

Elsewhere and in other ways, but all of us are

looking for the person with whom we want to

travel through life and the purpose we want to


This creation is the artistic implementation of

passing, love, and sensuality. The Butler recommends

it for a thought-provoking relaxation

on cool autumn evenings.