Author: Szabó Erika

Mentioning the capital of the United Arab Emirates always

puts the one in the center of attention, not without

a reason. Fabulous splendor, sparkling gold and

luxury in the caressing warm sunshine, that glances through the

astonishing constructions of Dubai, the incredible world between

the sand dunes.

Although, Dubai is the luxury capital of the world, 50 years ago

it consisted of few buildings only. Originally, the city on the shore

of the Persian Gulf ’s was inhabited by poor Bedouins and

pearlers and nowadays 12-lane, wide highways are meandering

between the skyscrapers, giving unforgettable experience for

the premium traveling elite.

Dubai offers everything that a traveler might fi nd important to

have a premium quality experience during their trip; multimillion-

dollar cars, high-end fashion brands, gold and diamond

jewelry, and things that they would never fi nd anywhere else

in the world. Those travelers who prefer exciting tours where

luxury and tradition are hand in hand, will not be disappointed.

Nothing is impossible in Dubai, as they are striving to be the fi rst

and the only one in everything.

It is common to see Lamborghini police cars on the streets and

seeing luxury cars with single-letter registration number plates

referring to the status of the family and suggesting that might

an infl uential sheikh sitting in the perfectly darkened vehicle.

Dubai’s Old Town area is set apart by the Creek;

Deira on one side, and Bur Dubai on the other.

Most of the museums, mosques, old buildings

and markets are located here. This is where

Dubai’s other face reveals that it is not all about

glamour, but the traditional Arabic world.

Unique gold jewelry, hand-woven textiles, traditional

fragrances and cheap little goods can

be found in the colorful bazaars of Dubai. There

is a traditional spice market, textile market,

perfume market, and, as Dubai is called “the

city of gold”, a gold market is also located in

the market area. Hundreds of shops are selling

gold goods, the shopfronts are slumping under

the amount of jewelry.

In the neighborhood of the golden bazar is the

spice market, where the traveler can explore a

new and exciting spices, further taste dates and

other candied fruits and nuts, further local tea




The world’s only seven-star luxury hotel title

is well earned by the Burj Al Arab.

The hotel was built on an artifi cial island

and the building is the third tallest hotel

in the world, nevertheless an architectural

masterpiece. It has several underwater luxury

suits, which have amazing crystal blue

walls and it offers a nice relaxing atmosphere

after a day-long shopping or city tour.

On the 25th fl oor there is a $ 24,000 per

night “Royal Suit” which truthfully fi ts to a

king. It has a 24/7 butler service and a private

lift, and the bathroom is only fi lled with

Hermès products. The suit itself consists of

three fl oors, decorated with stunning marble

and gold staircases, three separated bathrooms

in a magical scent.

The area of the helipad is not only for helicopters;

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer

played tennis as it serves as a tennis court

also, not to mention, during Formula 1

even some cars were tested there.