Author: Anja Redl

Insight into autumn skincare: the exclusive ingredient of the decade is pure rainwater

As autumn is drawing on, the warm

sunshine is slowly replaced by the

drizzling rain. It becomes more and

more wearisome to wake up in the morning.

Melancholic mood, decreased liveliness,

dehydrated skin for ladies and gentlemen

both. Brenda Brock, the founder of Farmaesthetics

organic luxury-cosmetics has discovered

a solution nonetheless – soap enriched

with autumn rainwater against the

autumn skin-dryness!

“Each and every ingredient is selected with

care, placed into our product for an individual

reason.” – Brenda claims. – “The

energy that vibrated in all-natural components,

helps to restore and sustain the

health of our skin. The result is a skin that

not only looks healthier but is healthy.”

Farmaesthetics – Fine Herbal skincare form

the Farm supplies premium spas and exclusive

retailers with luxurious products made

of the clearest natural ingredients. However,

at the time of this autumn, the needs

of those, who burn with desire for magnifi –

cent skin are served with a novel ingredient.

The handmade Rainwater Bath & Soap is

made seasonally with the use of the purest

rainwater, for the freshest bathing experience.

Alike all Farmaesthetics products, it is

100% natural.

But wherefore rainwater? The hydrating

effect of the ionic composition of pure rainwater

has been formerly recognized by other

companies. However, Brenda is the fi rst

to use rainwater in a luxurious skincare product,

associated with premium ingredients

to enhance the ionic effect. The rainwater

soap assists to the hydration of the skin while

the smell of it helps to calm the mind. At

a stormy November night, it would sure be

wonderful to submerge in a warm bathtub

of water and allow this special ingredient to

bring balance to the body and mind!

Brenda’s endeavour to serve the health of

ladies and gentlemen alike, has been recognized

by numerous prominent magazines.

As it is rightfully advertised on the

Farmaesthetics webpage, she was featured

in TIME MAGAZINE’s „Green Style & Design

100: The People & Ideas Behind Today’s

Most Infl uential Green Design” and

she was named as one of „The Purists” in

Luxury Spafi nder’s article of the „Five Entrepreneurs

at the Forefront of the Natural

Beauty Revolution”. Farmaesthetics was

also recognized by WWD, making their „It

List” of „The Green Brands Defi ning Organic


Thus, the rainwater contributes to the favour

of those who aspire quality and reliability.

The only essential is the talented

daughter of a farmer family from Texas,

who knows how to serve those ladies and

gentlemen who have hight standard for

their skin with another gift of nature: autumn