Diana, Princess of Wales, in memoriam of

whom the bells ring every autumn.

Author: Matthieu Deneuve


On the 31st of August 1997 the

eyes of the most famous First

Lady in history, Diana Princess of

Wales, were closed forever. However, the

world remembers her ever since as she

left an unforgettable trace in the hearts

of many with her personality, charm, devotion,

selfl essness and empathy. Tears

are shed by the mentioning of her name

even until this day. A mother, whose faith

was given at the moment of her birth,

who was handed the role of passing by

God. Anger, however, is no use; gratitude

shall be given for she had yielded love

throughout her life that even those who

only knew her through the media received.

The closed world that surrounded

her, that would have been unbearable for

many, determined her everyday life strictly.

She stood her ground exemplarily

both as a mother and as the First Lady.

The oft-times cruel world of the press

showed her no mercy, making it incredibly

hard to fi nd anyone to truly trust. Few

would envy her because being a member

of a traditional royal family, besides being

an honour, requires immense resignations.

Resignations from everyday emotions,

beseeming to the requirements, to

the ever-scanning eyes.

She dedicated the majority of her life to

help others, and to charity. On the cruel

day of her death Heaven received an angel

and Earth lost a sensitive soul with a

heart of purity.

There are a lot of sacred places on the

planet but one of them, and in this I am

sure, is no other than the fi nal resting place

of the Princess of Wales, a place in Althorp

House at Northampton where she

had spent a lot of time during her life. In

the past few years, the monument has seen

through a baronial renewal.

Words of her beauty spread to distant

lands and had been considered a family

trait. She was in kinship with Audrey Hepburn

with whom she shared numerous

personality traits.

Both of the Princess’ sons, William and

Harry visit their mother’s resting place often.

They were the ones who had the greatest

loss as losing a mother is immensely

hard to process. Today, I am sure she looks

down from the sky proudly at her two sons

and her grandchildren.