Author: Matthieu Deneuve


Spring, summer, autumn, winter – the

order of the seasons, which never

ever change. According to the ancients,

not many know, but this order was

originated by a Celtic God, called Dagda,

who gained her prestige by playing the

great harp.

Saint Cecil is depicted the patron saint of

music and musicians and is often depicted

during playing organ. Euterpe, one of

the Greek muses is displayed playing on a

double fl ute. Apollo in exchange of cows

played so beautiful on the lute, which was

received by Hermes, that the seasons greeted

the different sounds of the strings. Terpsichore,

the muse of dance in Greek mythology,

was often performed with a lute

and a pick in her hand. Dagda possessed a

richly decorated oak harp, in which if she

played the seasons got into the right order.

The music of the harp is ethereal, its

godly sound lures out the good ghosts. It

fi lls the hearts of believers with reverence

among Christians and keeps them away

from temptation. In the Celtic culture, the

sound of the harp seeks to create harmony

between instincts and emotions. The biblical

David, who played the harp excellently,

joined Saul to quell the bad thoughts

with his play which tormented the soul

of the king.

The melodies are part of our everyday

life, without them there is only nothingness,

without them there is a vacuum that

nothing can fi ll. Harp is one of the instruments

that can independently represents

the luxury and elegance with its melody

and appearance which fl ows into our souls

through the veins.

The most famous and expensive harps

are made by the Lyon & Healy’s company

which can be found in Chicago. They

have been being present in the instrument

making market for over 130 years. They

produce premium quality unique instruments,

which are commonly decorated

with hand-carved motifs. Making a divine

musical instrument is a huge responsibility.

Uniqueness, value and creation from the

heart built the tradition, which made them

the most popular factory in the world.

With the arrival of autumn, on the cooler

evenings, the melodies of the harp touch

our bodies like a nice and warming wind

and its angelic sound can make even the

simplest family event noble and unique.