Author: Fadieieva Olena

Hunting has always been one of the essential

things in the history of humanity. First humans

greatly relied on hunting as one of

the tools of survival. In Medieval times, it changed

its status to being one of the major Royal activities

and was primarily used both for entertainment and

setting governmental issues apart. In 2020, hunting

exists strictly as a hobby.

Since not all people know how and where to hunt

these days, they need a mentor or a guide. Aleksandr

is one of the best hunting guides in Europe;

he works at Euro Hunt that arranges hunting tours

for more than a decade and is happy to share his

own experience about being a hunter.

Hunting is one of the rarest hobbies nowadays. How

did you decide to connect your life with it?

I started hunting more than ten years ago. My good

friends were eager hunters but I had no interest in

it at fi rst. No one in my family has ever hunted, so

I am the fi rst one in many generations. Once I started

to interest myself in it, I turned my hobby into

a business.

TSo Euro Hunt has launched about ten years

ago as well?

Yes. Firstly we were called Historical Hunting

as we focus mostly on Royal hunting in historical

places. The name Euro Hunt was discovered

later – to show we focus on hunting in

Eastern Europe – but we never forget about

its roots.

Euro for Europe. Does your agency focus on

hunting in all European countries?

In Eastern Europe, to be precise. The history

of hunting in the Czech Republic, Hungary,

Poland, and their neighboring countries

is one of the most interesting as for me. For

example, Czechia kept most of its castles and

cities in pristine condition. Territories that

belong to Štiřín and Konopiště castles offer

hunting like it was 300 years ago. They use

tantaras to open the hunting day and each

type of hunting has its own melody as well

as hymns. These traditional elements attract

people from all around the world.

Centuries ago hunting was used to make allies,

announcing of dynastic marriage, declaring

war. Once, the whole city was founded

here, in Czechia.

Which one?

Karlovy Vary. Its history began when Charles

IV and his retinue were hunting a deer in forests

surrounding modern-day Karlovy Vary.

By one of the legends, a deer he was hunting

for ran away and fell into a spring. When the

king came to take his bag he saw the deer –

not weak and bleeding but healthy and full

of energy. By another version, it was has a

hound that was supposedly wounded but recovered

after falling into a lake. Having seen

such a miracle with his own eyes, Charles IV

commanded to test the water – this is how its

healing abilities were discovered and Karlovy

Vary was founded.

That was interesting to learn! So you organize

tours to Karlovy Vary?

Not only to Karlovy Vary, though it is one of

the most popular destinations. We arrange

our hunting, sightseeing, and wellness tours

throughout the entire country plus Hungary,

Slovakia, Serbia, and Poland.

How does the tour organization usually look

like? Is it equally easy for people from the EU

and other countries to come for hunting?

Coming to the Czech Republic for hunting is

not a diffi cult process either for EU citizens

or third-country nationals. All you need to

have is a) passport b) a hunting permit c) a

fi rearms license. Euro Hunt takes care of the

rest; we translate all the documents, obtain a

hunting license – single or yearly pass – and

make health insurance. Simultaneously, we

are looking for an appropriate area based on

the client’s preferences. To make our life easier,

guests indicate what wildlife they would

like to hunt for plus its weight, trophy value,


Where do you settle your guests? Remembering

that you focus on Royal tours, it must be

possible to rent one of the castles?

Absolutely. As our tours focus on Royal and

VIP hunting, we offer two types of accommodation:

5* hotels or castles. Most guests

prefer castles for sure; it helps to feel the

atmosphere of the past. We often settle

our guests in Štiřín Сastle – a luxurious

17th-century building made in baroque style.

The side wing or the whole building can

be rented out for a night.

Konopiště Castle is one of the most popular

locations to visit. Many interesting stories

are connected with this renaissance-gothic

building. In the early 20th century, Franz

Ferdinand often visited his demesne for

hunting: it was his passion. His personal record

is 300.000 bags he gained during his

life. He also popularized hunting among

locals and even paid for it. As for now, you

cannot stay in this castle but we organize

sightseeing tours. Many celebrities and

even Royals have visited this place during

the last decade – for example, one of the

Monaco princesses and Juan Carlos I, Spain’s

former king. Majority prefer to stay incognito

for obvious reasons. Also, the castle

owns the biggest pheasant yard in Eastern

Europe with more than 150.000 birds living


Although you arrange hunting tours in several

countries, it is clear from your words that the

Czech Republic stands out. Why do people like

it so much?

Mainly, Euro Hunt clients choose the country

depending on the species they would like

to hunt for. In Czechia its pheasant – their

population is the most numerous here and

they are relatively easy to catch. We offer several

types of hunting: battue, dog hunting,

falconry. The latter is the most exclusive and

only 5% of hunters can afford it. Previously,

we used to go for cheetah hunting – there

were only two organizations offering it in

the whole country – but now it is in the past.

In general, every species can be found in

Czechia, even Sika or Japanese deer. So, everyone

can fi nd his cup of tea here

In Hungary, the most popular hunting on

goose and ducking is in high demand. This

country is known for a big population of these

species. Even Czechs go to this country

for goose hunt! Cooking in a hunting yard

is another story.

Is it special?

Very special. It is 100% natural, you will never

fi nd such a good fl avor in supermarkets.

However, this is not the main star turn. Hunters

enjoy cooking like no one else and they

are really good at it. You have to be a professional

to handle wild meat.

What do you like to cook at a hunting camp?

My favorite dish is baked Siko limb. As I

have already explained, there are many species

in Czechia. Initially, they lived in Japan

only, but have been later bred here and in


During hunting tours, we cook simpler

meals to save time and energy. Sausages or

marinated meat is the best option – all you

need is to lay a fi re and wait for your lunch

to be cooked. When the hunt is over, the dinner

is the next level. Usually, we go to a local

tavern to try goulash and cook fresh meat.

They both taste so delicious with slivovitz! I

also like the Serbian cooking style at a hunt or

after it. They put chicken or goose in clay and

leave it in the fi re. The result is magnifi cent!

Hunting is usually considered as men’s hobby,

do you agree with it? As a woman, I am curious

to know whether women buy your tours or they

are rare guests.

Of course, ladies are welcome to join Euro

Hunt tours. Although they join us not as

frequently as men, there are always 2-3% of

women coming every year. Ladies from Germany

and the Czech Republic enjoy hunting

the most among Europeans. However, the

most popular practice is buying tours for their

boyfriends and husbands. In my opinion,

we sell 30% of all tours as gift packages. It is

quite a high number and I understand why it

is popular. Giving a hunting tour as a present

is exclusive and exotic. Most of the gentlemen

who come to us with gift packages then stay as

our permanent clients.

Many ladies come with their husbands to the

Czech Republic, but do not want to join them

on the hunt. In this case, we organize wellness

or sightseeing tours in Karlovy Vary or

other touristic cities. Also, hunters often come

with entire families. In this case, we organize

walking tours in castles, hunting yards, show

them animals in wildlife. Everyone has something

to enjoy here.

What hunters’ individual records do you remember

from Euro Hunt tours?

As many gifted hunters come to visit us, there

have been numerous records to this point. I

can remember the group of six hunters from

Konopiště who shot 1900 pheasants. How

bruised their shoulders were because of the

rifl es! Another memorable achievement took

place several years ago when another group

hunted more than 100 wild boars in a day.

One gentleman shot a fowl from 300 m, another

one – a boar from 700 m. However, it is

only possible if you are well-experienced in


Do you host any competitions among your

guests? If yes, are they rewarded with special


The spirit of competition is one of the key

emotions hunters aim to get when they order

a tour. We choose the King and Prince of

Hunting after each event. The winners have

to be not only the best gunslingers but professionals

in all senses. They have to be nice to

their companions and animals, handle a weapon

professionally, and be good role models

for the others..

The main competition takes place in spring

when the main season is over. The annual

trophy show attracts hunters from all corners

of the world who come to demonstrate

their achievements. They bring everything

they have hunted during the year – from local

pheasants to African rhinos. Obviously, the

most successful hunters are rewarded.

2020 is a diffi cult year for all of us. Did you

manage to organize hunting tours during the


It is diffi cult to tell right now as the main hunting

season starts in autumn. Obviously, there

are fewer tourists than last year, but people

are still coming – mostly from EU countries.

Recently, we hosted tourists from Germany,

Monaco. Many locals also become interested

in hunting even if they have not tried it before.

When there are no tours, we try to organize

friendly or corporate competitions. Besides

this, we always have to control the species

population, put feed racks, look for animals.

There is always work to do, and it helps to

stay optimistic about the future.