Author: Somogyi Lóránt

Taking advantages of the beautiful autumn weather and avoiding

of waiting in traffi c jams, I decided to head for Csillaghegy with

my scooter. As long as the weather allows, I harness the using of

my Vespa. I was riding in low traffi c among calm drivers on the roads

of the city, when I glanced a beautifully maintained and wonderfully

sparkling old-timer car. Meanwhile the traffi c light turned red, thereby

giving a chance to have a quick conversation, so I rolled quickly beside

the car. Without hiding my passion for old-timer cars, I looked this fl awless

vehicle with amazement. I found out from the owner which one is

that car cosmetics company, where he takes his car. The car got back its

old light at my friend’s, Tamás Tóth’s car cosmetics garage. In the meantime,

the traffi c light turned green and the car started off majestically

and I looked until it disappeared in the distance. With this experience

I went to Tamás to say congratulation for the car which I just saw.


In his young ages he worked for a car washing company. Only this job

gave him his income, besides he studied at an evening school. The washing

fi rm maximized the fi x time that they can spend on one car, but

the prescribed 30 minutes time was not enough for an appropriate

and intensive washing; the quantity was more important than quality.

Despite the short time Tamás always wanted to

do a perfect job. Unfortunately, because of his

precision he got fi red, but then he vowed to

that, if he would have a chance in the future,

he will establish the most demanding car cosmetics

service in the country.

He had to wait until 2015 for this chance, this

year he established the Star Car Garage gentle

car wash and fi ne cosmetics with his partner.

Tamás helps us know why the suitable cleaning

agents are so important for the maintenance

for our beloved old-timer car.


Nowadays car cosmetics and shampoos are

appearing in the market of cleaning products

in high quality, so anyone who wants to give

the best to their beloved vehicle can choose to

their liking. Of course, the existing quality of

cleaning products and tools are not enough,

but with the appropriate expertise, we can

keep our car in its original condition for many


The Star Car Garage, led by Tamás Tóth, pays

great attention to the condition; survey, repair,

aesthetic treatment, gentle washing and maintenance

of old cars. It is important that their

service has to be fl awless, because this way they

can increase the number of new and returning

car owners.

Many people don’t pay enough attention to

the look of their car.

These owners think if their vehicle gets dirty,

it’s enough to wash it with a high-pressure

washer and let it dry, possibly washing it with

shampoo. This process leads to a high degree

of aesthetic deterioration of the car in the long

run. Washing with limestone water, wrong

shampoo, intense chemicals, choosing inappropriate

brush, high-pressure washer, hard

brush and chip wipes will shorten the shine of

our car. The previous factors are a great enemy

of the treated, polished or fi ne surfaces.

In case of old-timer cars, special attention

should be paid to old, worn or thinned paintwork

and aged interiors.

Cosmetics for old-timer cars always start with

condition survey. Two types of conditions are

distinguished, the repaired and the patinated.

In case of damage, the car will be taken by recommended

restores to service things that can

be saved and repaired as soon as possible.

After a vehicle in its original condition and free

of corrosion, gentle washing can begin. The

strength of chemicals is chosen to match with

the paintwork of the car. With improper use

of detergents, the car could lose its perfection,

so, we do more harm than good.

The same is true when cleaning the inner

space, with different leather or fabric materials.

Using inappropriate detergents

could destroy the elements of the car. Each

surface has its own cosmetics agent. Using

these ably, we can conjure a new one from

the old.

It’s much easier for us with restored cars,

because the repairing tasks are negligible,

the goal is to keep the existing brilliance

of the car.


• degreasing, deep cleaning – dissolving

dirt on varnish – this is the opposite

of wax washing, because the aim

is to achieve grease and dirty surfaces

• detection of car faults, condition


• consulting with the customer regarding


• treatment of repairable elements, for example

polishing and reparation, polishing of

chrome elements

• inner space cleaning – leather softening

– fabric cleaning – regeneration of plastic

parts – cleaning and conservation of wooden


• gentle cleaning, care and vanishing of gentle

engine compartment

• other complete conservation

If we dedicate ourselves to car care at home, there

are some ‘good to know’ advices:

• beware of hard water, because washing with

soft water will not damage our car

• the leather care products have to be applied

only on real leather, not on artifi cial.

• avoid car washing in strong sunshine

• the high-pressure washer has to be used from

a suitable distance, or rather sprinkle the car

with tube.

• always wash with a clean bucket of water and

microfi ber wash gloves

• for drying the car use a microfi bre cloth

• after rinsing, always wipe the car dry

• IMPORTANT: if the dirt on the surface

cannot be removed by a general car wash,

feel free to visit a specialist to prevent serious


During use, anything can hit our car, such as splashing

mud, deposited dust, and the biggest enemies

of our car’s light are bird droppings and


Never let it dry, because UV and heat can

burn off the paint, and the top of the cabrio

can puncture it. The damage could be hard to

remove even after a very thorough polishing.

Protect our antique values and give them the

proper care so that posterity can admire the

beauty and mechanical wonders of the past.

Adresse: 1039 Budapest, Batthyány utca 5.

Phone: 06 20 235 4236

E-mail: info@starcargarage.hu