Author: Jadon



Layers, textiles, patterns, colours. Hats,

scarves, gloves, leather boots. Autumn is

offi cially the most stylish season during the

year, offering a perfect compromise between creativity

and comfort.


The golden 70’s does not want to go out of fashion,

and supposedly as long as Alessandro Michele

will be directing the Gucci, who is the most

infl uential creative director since 2015, the trend

will stay. The 1970’s is the best inspiration for autumn,

because the denim, the knitted pieces, the

fur, the leather and the warm, rich colours are all

coming from the dawn of the era. Solid and clear

lines and daring patterns.


The colour of the season is red and its passionate

shades. It is a bold colour which magnetizes the

glance. However, not only a burning Ferrari red

can be used to spice up the closet. For those, who

prefer a more moderate style I rather recommend

a ‘red-wine-ish’ burgundy shade.

You can bring the colour into your closet as

you like; in the form of a Chesterfi eld coat, a

suit or few fi ne accessories. With the colour

black and dark grey every red shade goes

well, but with vivid blue it can create a bit of

a disharmonic illusion. For example, with a

navy-blue suit, a brighter red scarf or a small

accessory can work well, or if you would like

to jazz up your light blue shirt, a brownish

bourdon coloured tie or cardigan can make a

perfect contrast.


Fall-Winter collections’ one ruling stamp was

the full-monochrome look. If only one colour

dominates in one’s outfi t, without patterns,

it always refers to elegance and establishes

a polished look. One colour’s shades can be

perfectly varied in one set, for example in a

full outfi t of the colour black, grey, navy or

brown. On different fabrics one colour’s different

shades are working differently, which

can spice up the monochrome look.


In the fall collections of 2020, the runways of

fashion houses were coloured by the striking

phenomena of outfi ts fl ashing in uniform pattern

from head to toe. The ruling line was a

range of geometric forms, checks and minimalistic

motives. Based on the runway collections,

there is an option to pick a few of the

daringly patterned pieces to spice up the closet,

and the ‘bold-ones’ can try outfi ts in total

prints too.

If you love those suits which have patterned

fabric, but were afraid to combine them in

weekday outfi ts, now it is time to do so. It

provides an easy, comfortable, but still polished

appearance, not to mention, with the

well-chosen accessories it is an ageless wear.

Wear it with a simple shirt, turtleneck or in

a classic form with a shirt, accessorised with

leather sneakers or Chelsea boots, jazz it up

with a scarf, a hat or a pair of leather gloves.

Not to forget autumn is a season of a moody

weather, so for accessories, deep browns and

black colours are recommended, as they are

variable on a wide range and due to their dark

colour, they are more durable and easier to clean

than the lighter colours. With scarves you

can be more daring to break the full coloured

blocks with a bold bright colour or a print. The

rule is simple, if the outfi t is quite patterned

and colourful, the accessories should be plain,

and vice versa. Always note what you would like

to highlight on yourself, and the more eye-catching

pieces should be placed there.


I usually say exaggeratedly that autumn is the

season where we leave the house in three complete

outfi t and then represent ourselves as the

daily event and the weather necessitates. It is

obvious in the light of the above mentioned as

this period favours layered wear. Thus, we can

adjust to the varying weather with ease as the

sweater, blazer and coat can be rapidly taken

off while the accessories remain to be a part

of the outfi t. Contrary to other seasons we can

be comfortable during the long days all-along,

shall it be the cold of early morning that requires

a jacket or a coat; the sunny late morning

when often a shirt alone might be comfortable;

the gloomy afternoon when a sweater comes

handy or the evening when the coat is needed

over again.

Sweaters and cardigans are the most favoured

items of temporary wear, but unfortunately

many have to avoid these due to their fabric.

I would recommend paying precise attention

to choose a product of fi ne quality and before

buying it, test the fabric by touching the skin on

the arm with it and gently pull upwards to see

whether it appears to be irritating or not. If this

displeasing occurrence appears while wearing

the piece of clothing, it shall be exchanged if

possible because the skin will never get used to

the fabric that caused irritation. I would further

recommend wearing a piece of clothing made

of light fabric under the knitted sweater or cardigan

to avoid direct contact with the skin and

prevent irritation.


Denim is rebellious, comfortable, stylish and is

always present. Especially during this autumn.

If such a type of trousers exists that looks good

on everyone and anyone can fi nd the best fi tting

version, that are jeans. However, there are a few

golden rules that are worthy to keep. The fi rst

and most important rule is to never be cheap

about it. When it comes to the composition of the

fabric, either do research or ask for the help of the

shop assistant because for example mixed strand

or a stretch jeans are more comfortable but tend

to be less durable, irrespective of brand. Classic

hard denim jeans might not be the most comfortable

wear for everyone but will fi t the body of

the owner over time. The second rule is to never

handle the jeans similarly to the other pieces of

clothing. This might sound unwelcome, but the

reason most vintage jeans are in good condition

is that those were rarely washed. If a pair of jeans

are not worn daily, instead of washing they might

be better to put it out in the fresh air, use cloth-refreshing

sprinkle and when it is time, delicate washing.

It is recommended trying numerous shapes and

shades to be able to choose the most adequate.

In some cases, the jeans require some additional

adjustment; in case of length, seek a pair that fi ts

everywhere else; for adjustment around the waist

and hips choosing the bigger size is recommended

because size can always be reduced but not increased.

Blue is the classic colour, might it be any

shade, therefore it is the most durable. Black jeans

show the traces of washing and wearing earlier. Of

course, denim is not only jeans. It might be a fabric

of shirts, coats or accessories. The rules, however,

are valid in each case as the fabric is the same.

During autumn, denim jacket is a pleasant wear,

that can be paired with either tweet or simple

weave trousers or even with jeans. It is well combinable

with any fabric or colours thus it can accessorise

or even emphasize the favourite piece of

clothing. Denim jackets are usually not very thick

and thus ensure a pleasant wear in the autumn

weather. It is a stylish wear for any age groups.


In 2020 winter, two long-gone trends return in

menswear. One of these is fur, either genuine or

artifi cial, the other one is leather. Shearling coats

will rather appear around November, but until

then the coats can be upgraded by thin fur coat

accessories made for men.

The collections of Fendi and Dunhill were made

extraordinary by different pieces of leather combined

with the tailoring masterpieces. Besides the

lustrous pieces, classic leather trousers and suits

were included, mainly in the colour of black and

brown. These are undoubtably daring garments,

but it shall not be forgotten that the scale is always

broad. Some gentlemen feel excellent wearing a

striking pair a leather trousers combined with a

turtleneck and a trench coat; and other gentlemen

would rather choose a classic leather blazer

that can be worn as a coat, or maybe smaller accessories

for his outfi t.


In this season the accessories also favour

businessmen and the fans of rather elegant

clothing. Ties appeared on a number of

runways, even as accessories for more casual

outfi ts. Besides the classic colours and

patterns now the more striking motives appeared.

If one feels so, and their workplace

allows so, a classic suit can be upgraded by a

more daring tie on the grey days of autumn.

Regarding gloves, besides the classic leather

pieces now split suede leather can be tried

as well as ones with longer sleeve by favour

of Dior.

Until now, the designing of bags did not

really favour the need of men; the variety

was narrow apart from briefcases, laptop

bags and bigger handbags but this seems to

be in a change. Besides the usual handbags

Jacquemus, Ambush and MSGM, besides

many has brought out both shoulder bags

and other small packs. These fi t men perfectly

both in colours, style and size. These

are fashionable and quality solutions to easily

carry the needed things throughout the

whole day.

Those shoes of greater stability come especially

handy during autumn and winter.

Chunky boots keep on conquering the runaways

despite the fact that these are typically

only liked by the younger age groups.

On the runaways of Prada, the stronger,

more rugged reconsiderations of classic

boots and shoes can be seen while the collection

of Fendi has been upgraded by more

colourful and more robust varieties. I would

recommend those leather shoes and boots

of thicker sole by personal experience; for fi rst

the sensation is unusual, but these are much

more comfortable as the impact of the feet on

the ground is reduced during walking. Besides

the greater fashion houses, the more moderate

thick-soled version of one’s favourite moccasin

shoes, Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes can be

found in the offer of smaller brands too.