Sarah Jessica Parker

Author: Matthieu Deneuve

Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of one of the most

successful blockbuster series, gave her name

to a new premium quality winery in the past

year. The actress of the ’Sex in the City’ has always

been a huge fan of tasteful and noble wines, and

now she can share her love with everyone. The lucky

wine collectors can select a few bottles from a

range of wines that Sarah Jessica ’s marked winery,

the Invivo X, offers.

The value of a wine is estimated by several factors

as what is the type of the wine, which wine-

growing region is it coming from, what was the

weather in the year the wine was made, as well as

a good marketing can add up to the wine’s success

on the market.

In 2019 Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, the

founder members of Invivo & Co., together with

SJP, released the Invivo X, a Marlborough Sauvignon

Blanc to seal the collaboration. The wine ended

up winning fi ve gold medals and 90 points by

the Wine Spectator.

Sarah Jessica’s wines quickly broke into the market

with a reasonable price; however, the fans of

the actress are willing to pay the multiple times the

original price for a signed bottle. Through the past

year the wine almost became as successful as its

owner. It might be said that the SJP Marlborough

Sauvignon Blanc is a cultic piece in the masterly

tasteful wines’ market as it received a green tag.

The fi nal version of the wine was blended in May,

when the Invivo’s founders travelled to New York to

perfectionize the taste with Sarah Jessica. Tim and

Rob carried all the examples which were made until

April on the wonderous regions of Marlborough, to

the Big Apple to taste and blend the fi nal bottle of the

SJP Sauvignon Blanc.

After the international success of the Invivo X Sauvignon

Blanc, Sarah Jessica surprised the audience

with a new wine; a fl avourful rosé from South France.

Now, the fans can choose from two noble wines

to clink glasses virtually with SJP while watching their

favourite episodes of the legendary series.

The iconic actors and actresses, might say, committedly

support the wineries all around the world, using

their fame to secure a new investment option by their

outstanding movie career. To own a winery is a privilege,

however in long term it can be a great invest