Author: Matthieu Deneuve

Chilly mornings, leaves scattered on the ground, the days are drawing in – autumn is

here. With a farewell to the cheerful summer colours, the decorative items inside the

home are tending towards the natural shades of fall, such as rust-brown, claret, olive-

green and pale orange. Gourd is a beloved element of seasonal home decoration.

Further natural elements could tastefully accessory any home, such as chrysanthemum,

horse chestnut, colourful leaves, ornamental corn and baskets of wickerwork.

For door-decoration, wreaths made

pure of hip are one of the most expensive

and most popular accessories.

These designer works are made

by hand, each piece of hip chosen

and assembled with great caution

to create an aesthetically pleasing


Such high-quality and unique pieces

of decoration are also used for room

decoration. When in harmony with the

interior design, these natural masterpieces

beautifully complete the living

room or the dining room.

Antique decorative pieces bring their

everlasting elegance to any room. Old

books, antique vases or dinner plates

provide a unique mood that no modern

decoration, despite being any tasteful

can achieve. However, these actualyly

old pieces have to be handled with

great care, kept in display cabinet to be

protected from deterioration that these

objects are most vulnerable to, due to

their age.

Chandeliers are rarely changed seasonally,

yet when an autumn mood is to

be achieved with the style of a room,

authentic vintage chandeliers are the

ones to seek. Typically accessorised

with an immense amount of crystals,

these chandeliers are sparkling, yet

antique element of any room.

Fur is also one of the ultimate traditional

accessories during autumn and winter. Hundreds

of years earlier, when heating was not a

constant availability even in the houses of the

richest, fur would have served as protection

against cold. Yet even in modern times it is

pleasant to have different decorative pieces,

like blankets of quality faux or real fur at cold

days and nights as the cold weather approaches


An even greater autumn mood

could be achieved with the replacement

of home textiles. Curtains,

tablecloths, bedspreads are easy

to be changed seasonally when a

complete autumn mood is desired.

Colours that appear in nature

at fall may certainly provide

that mood. The materials of these

textiles are also a cue to change

the mood: heavier textiles like

velvet and corduroy shall be good

examples of such.

It is even possible to compose different

styles. However, when multiple styles are

present, the aesthetics of the overall design

is especially dependent on the designer’s

natural sense of harmony. Oft-times

it might be a wise choice to hire an interior

designer with a good reputation.

When the decoration has been

altered to the desired seasonal

mood, the only thing left is to

make a cup of coffee, fi nd a

good book, and enjoy the approaching

of cold from under

a fur blanket.

„Thou who give the summer blossom

So beautiful that those grass ‘round

Bemused, is weak to see itself

Fading slowly away with others:

Gift me with such a gentle end

Beauty the conquere pain, to send

My thought in the nothingness, to sleep

Similarly to the autumn fi eld!

Prayer by Ödön Jakab