Author: Anja Redl


The weather becomes more and more

chilli as autumn is closing in. After

walking the dog or attending outdoor

sports, it is pleasant to arrive to the heated home

and warm up – except if the heating is outworn.

It is rather unpleasant to wake up in the cold, go

to sleep in the cold and arrive home in the cold.

There is no other solution: the outworn heating

must be changed. But changed to what?

Traditional, gas or electric heating and cooling

systems are not only unnecessary costly, but

malfunctioning regularly. The lifespan of those

is no longer than eight to ten years. The solar

power, further from the equator, can only serve

as a supplement for the regular heating and

cooling systems, moreover, the enormous solar

cells on the rooftop and ruin the aesthetics of a

mansion. However, such a technology exists that

has a lifespan above fi fty hears, requires no visible

transformations of a home and is environmentally

conscious – the geothermal energy.

The Queen of England had the heating and

cooling system of her Art Gallery changed to

geothermal in 2002. She enjoyed it so much

that she had the heating and cooling system of

the Buckingham Palace changed to geothermal

soon after. Since, the popularity of geothermic

energy has been increasing at a quick pace, as

it is rather suitable to supply high performing,

luxury mansions.

Increasing technological development delivered

Multifunctional Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Systems, that provides heating, cooling, and

warm water altogether. This technology makes

the heating of both indoor and outdoor pools


But how does geothermal heating work?

At the time of winter, the temperature of the air

inside the mansion decreases even half a degree,

while the temperature of the water running in

the pipes decreases consequently. This water

arrives in the deeper layers of the Earth’s crust

through the inbuilt pipes, where constant torrid

temperature is maintained by the natural

radioactive decay and the residual heat from

the forming of Earth. The water, heated there,

streams back into the mansion through the pipes,

supporting the maintenance of the desired


At the time of summer, the same happens like

wintertime, just as the temperature of the air

moderately increases, the temperature of the

water running in the pipes consequently increases.

Herewith the water does not stream to

the torrid layers but to the upper, cool layers.

After cooling down, it streams back to the

mansion, causing the decreasing of the inner


Geothermal heating and cooling systems are

ideal for all of those who fi nd it important to

have their desired temperature constantly retained

in their home, and for their heating and

cooling system to be easily maintainable. Nothing

more is needed but a reliable company,

and the comfort of the Buckingham Palace can

be enjoyed at home.